Working-out on regular bases is good for your mental and physical health. But most of the time, especially when you are very new to work out do not feel motivated. When this happens, you cannot follow your workout plans. To be consistent there are 10 tips you can stick with them to meet your fitness goals.

1. Know the reason

You should always keep the reason why did you start working-out. The reason is not always external like you are free and want have nothing to do and plan to start workout. But there must be some internal and emotional motivation like you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

2. Keep reminding yourself

A constant reminder is very important, for this purpose you can use short label sticky notes on your work place, bedside table, bathroom mirror with positive messages about working out.

3. Be socialize

You can use social media to connect yourself with different fitness groups. This will help you to keep yourself attached to your daily exercise. Also in different groups embrace the competitive side to keep you motivated.

4. Make workout friends

You should make same interest friends in case you feel less motivated and skip your exercise they will help you to bring back on your track. Research shows that finding workout friend increases the quality and quantity of your exercise.

5. Set short-term fitness goals

Once you started you should set small goals. Setting long-term goals will not be so appealing after some time. Initially it will get boring for you to achieve long term longs because it take too much time and energy which is only possible if you have strong intention for completion.

6. Choose right exercise for you 

Your body and mind feel so relax when you work out after a hectic day. You should choose the exercise you like the most to enjoy your workout and get motivated.  Activities which are not according to you will make you less enthusiastic.

7. Get adequate sleep

Your mind and body must not be tired. If you are on right track and working out extra hours then rest of your body is necessary. 

8. Stop eating unhealthy food

You feel lazy and grumpy when much you consume processed food, crabs, high sugary food. Take a balanced healthy diet like fresh vegetables, fruits, vitamins minerals, healthy fat. Inner health will guarantee to keep you motivated to get fitness goals.

9. Put workout clothes on

Find any color of the outfit that you like on yourself and fit on you while working out and get dressed. This is the best way if you feel lazy to workout. You can never sit lazily when you have, put on a workout dress.

10. Create a workout planner

Sometimes you are too busy all days and weeks long in work, events, gathering so always plan your workout timings. Schedule your workout, write on a planner, set an alarm, and then do not compromise on it just strictly follow the plan.