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Skin Problems in Teenage

Skin Problems in Teenage

Certainly, your beauty will be long-lasting if you will take care of your skin from teenager. Although, teenager have so much pressure on their education, sports, friends gatherings, and job responsibilities. This pressure makes them stressed and anxious which yields in so several skin issues ultimately.

In teenage, skin reacts in several ways as hormones level elevates. Teens some areas of face like cheeks, jaw line and forehead are most common for Whiteheads and blackheads so they may suffer pimples occasionally or might be acne.

Secondly, Oily Skin is also occurs in result of high level of hormones. Mostly teens do not want a shiny oily face but it is a period for extended oil production. Skin produces some protective oils naturally but by over-washing your face to wipe off all the face oil, you will be harmful than good. Often dry, scaly and red patches or you can experience rashes; itching, irritation and swelling on the skin particularly on the teens who love to play sports. It is called Eczema or dermatitis normally occurs on hands, knees, feet, face or inside your elbow. Avoid scratching although it is very itchy scratching may lead to excessive inflammation. However it has no any specific cause it may be genetic or environmental in teens. In addition to, excessive sweating on under arms, palms, feet soles, scalp, and rest of the body free from sweat called Hyperhidrosis. It transpires when your body does not cool down in school or college you may face teen tyrants if you sweat a lot. Hence, you need to change your clothing fabric from synthetic to breathable cotton and for feet; you can have an absorbent inner shoe sole to lessen your sweating. As your body restrains temperature by sweating when you experience stress or overheat.

The next skin problem is cool sore. It is a small size blister that usually appears inside the mouth but the nose or anywhere on the face can be developed. The main cause of this condition is HSV-1 that is herpes simplex virus type 1. It remains sluggish but by sharing towels, clothes utensils it exposes when hormonal changes are taking place it develops after years.

Due to over exposure to the sun teens usually suffer sunburn. As teens are not so apprehensive about their skin care and do not apply sunscreen when they outside or participate in sports. By applying a sunscreen on the daily bases not only teens but people of all can reduce the risk of it. Moreover, teens often experience dry and flaky scalp, this condition is known as dandruff. This condition is always contemplated as a result of lack of cleanliness but the specific reason for it is unknown like eczema. Although, teens can use home remedies and different dandruff-free shampoo to deal with it and do not need to bother and humiliate them.

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