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Side Effects of Hair Coloring

To color your hair with gorgeous shades always been a craze for many girls. However, the process of coloring hair has many side effects, as it is a chemical procedure which reacts on your hair pigments. However, so many harmful chemicals may deter you from coloring.

Some hair colors contain substances such as aromatic amines and phenols which contain hydrogen peroxide that is very harmful to your health. Some other chemicals like lead, Mercury, and PPD ( Paraphenylenediamine) may cause hair, skin, and respiratory issues.

As mentioned earlier, hair coloring may lead to respiratory issues especially if you are already suffering from the respiratory disease more than normal people due to the toxic fumes emitted from chemicals. These harmful chemicals can lead to asthma attacks, coughing, chest tightening, breathing problems, wheezing, and lung inflammation.

Furthermore, you need to color repeatedly over a long period which can cause skin issues all over your scalp and sometimes on the body. The harmful chemicals trickle into the skin and lead to rashes and allergies. You may suffer eczema and psoriasis if have dermatitis because of the PPD and other chemicals. Further, hair color can cause skin irritation, redness, itching, swelling on the scalp, neck, or face.

Some chemicals may increase the chances of cancer. Permanent hair colors had carcinogenic compounds. While these chemicals have been altered from the old formulas if you permanently dye but further research is needed.

Indeed, coloring your hair needs extra caution; these harmful chemicals can contact the sensitive parts of your face like your eyes which can lead to conjunctivitis or red eyes. You may experience severe discomfort and inflammation.

Besides, prolonged use of hair color has harmful effects on fertility although it does not affect fertility by coloring for short period. But it is better to avoid the risk of being exposed to the hair colors if you are trying to conceive or pregnant.

Additionally, hair colors contain ammonia and peroxide. These are responsible for the break-through of your hair shaft and stripping away your natural pigment in your hair. You can experience hair damage by processing hair cuticles to reach out the cortex by relaxing and then bleach out the natural pigment of your hair. Inevitably, you can lose the luster of your hair by over-treating your hair, and consequently, it will lead to hair damage, breakage, and splits.

In the end, it is a long-term commitment that you do not realize how much you need to maintain hair color. You need to rush back to the salon every month or take out some time to do it at home. Further, after processing your hair is extremely vulnerable to destruction like lack of shine, luster, and health which demands your intensive attention and care.