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Beauty Secrets from the Kitchen

Beauty Secrets from the Kitchen

In the world over natural beauty is always appreciated. Although, real beauty is skin deep. Your natural beauty is about how much radiant, healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin you are blessed with. But here are so many factors that damage your beauty such as weather, high pollution, stress, bad life style, and unhealthy food intake. Undoubtedly, the more you care about your skin the longer it will be healthier and radiant. There are so many ways to take care according to different skin types. Women in today’s world aspire to become perfect wives, hostesses, and daughters in fact a super woman of some sort. They have a lot of time for everything but not for themselves to oversee their skin, hair and body.

There are so many beauty secrets you can use from your kitchen.


Honey helps in keeping your skin young and rejuvenated. It is a beautiful secret from ancient times. It has moisturizing properties; by the regular application you can solve dry skin problems. It provides shine and glow to the face. To keep all fungal infections at a bay you can simply use honey. Further, it is full of antioxidants which are a quintessential part in anti-aging skin care regimen. It eliminates free radicals that are the main cause of aging. Along with moisturizing, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles it further helps in relief from bacterial acne outbreaks by regular use of honey.


The next ingredient which is the most reliable in skin care regimen is lemon. It has natural anticipating, antibacterial and antifungal properties. For those who have acne and pimple-prone skin, the lemon is beneficial for them. Lemon with honey can easily help to remove pimple-prone that are the main cause of acne. For chapped lips apply lemon before hitting the bed. Overnight you can see the difference; it will heal up your cracked lips. It also lightens the stretch marks. By regular use, you can lighten up the marks and get a more radiant complexion because of the skin-lightening properties of lemon.  Besides, it slows down the aging process and removes fine lines and wrinkles with regular use.


Not only for healthy bones and teeth milk is also useful for your skin. It is a great source of calcium. It acts as a natural cleansing agent. For clean and clear skin add milk with lemon and turmeric powder and apply to your face for 15 minutes only. If you want a glow on your face add milk with almonds powder and olive oil. Additionally, it helps to reduce skin dryness. Milk with banana and honey gives a moisturizing look to your face instantly. To exfoliate your skin, milk is the best option to remove dead skin cells. It has lactic acid which is use to exfoliate.


The next item is rich in high content of vitamin E. It has effective results on external and internal health. It helps to exfoliate and nourish dry dead looking skin with a face mask of almond, milk, and oatmeal. To reduce dark circles you can use almond powder with grated raw potato. The almond oil massage on the face and eye area can help to nourish the skin internally. For beautiful and soft hands add the almond powder in fresh cream, lemon, and sugar and massage for 5 minutes to get fair and soft hands.

Turmeric Powder

This spice has great antiseptic anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. If you want to remove your acne breakout then turmeric powder is the best choice. It is widely used to treat many skin and health problems at home. It exfoliates your dead skin cell and gives you a glowing look. In ancient times women used to apply a fine paste while bathing to prevent the excessive growth of facial hair. Not only facial but it also prevents the growth of underarm hair. By regular use of turmeric powder, you can prevent infections and thwart off body odors. It is best for oily skin in summers; just prepare a fine smooth paste of turmeric with buttermilk and sugarcane juice to reduce dark circles, crow’s feet, and wrinkles.


To remove blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation, and discoloration of your skin, raw potato is an excellent remedy. It helps to reduce dark circles just put the cold raw potato on your eyes regularly and see the visible difference. Further, it is great for skin tightening as it contains a high content of starch. It is the best toner to tighten up your open pores. For summers, you can easily prepare a cleansing mask by adding grated raw potato with lemon, and milk oatmeal.

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