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8 Beauty Trends That’ll Be Everywhere in 2022

In the world of beauty, there are always changing trends. But some trends seem to catch on and stick. From vintage looks to new age futurism, the new styles we are seeing in fashion and beauty are definitely ones to pay attention to. These looks will have you feeling fresh and fun for a new year, and there are plenty of great looks to choose from. Exciting ways to revamp your makeup, hair, or skincare routine can really give you a new lease on life. Not only will you look better on the outside, but investing in yourself will have you feeling better on the inside. A new style in terms of beauty is a wonderful tactic to start fresh and find some spontaneity in your everyday routine. As the new year continues to roll in, take this opportunity to learn more about new looks in beauty that could possibly just set you up to have a great, new personal style. If you are ready to reinvent yourself, check out these 8 beauty trends that’ll be everywhere in 2022.

Retro Looks

Going retro is a beauty trend that comes and goes, and right now, it’s all the rave. The great thing about this trend is that it is not just a fad. It can be a timeless look depending on what era you choose to channel. Two of the biggest retro looks that are in style right now are smoking hot red lips and a thick cat-eye look. This is definitely a trend that you can have fun with, and incorporate different looks that give you that retro feel.

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Natural Looking Highlights

The natural, fresh look is in right now and that applies to hairstyles too. Highlights that blend to look natural and effortless will continue to be popular this year. The sunkissed look is the goal you should be after when getting new highlights. This look will have everyone asking if you enjoyed our time at the beach.

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Simple Makeup Looks

Keeping with the natural theme, makeup that is pared down to the bare essentials is definitely on trend. What’s also awesome about a natural makeup look is that it takes less time to achieve. Simple makeup is also the best option to show off your natural beauty.

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French Manicures

These had been out of circulation for a while, but French manicures are back in action. It’s all about simple and classic, and the French manicure achieves just that. If you want to add some flare, toss in something fun like pops of color or glitter instead of the standard white. You can even go for different nail shapes.

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Matte Lippie

If you are looking for a new lip style, look no further than matte. Matte lipstick is great for a look that will last all day and keep you looking gorgeous. This style provides a down-to-earth, but chic appearance. Try out this look if you are the type that despises having to go reapply makeup throughout the day.

The Curtain Bang

Worn by many celebrities already, the curtain bang is a beautiful hairstyle to try this year. It nicely frames the face and is a super sleek and elegant look. You can have fun with this style by trying various lengths and shapes to the bang.

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Eyeliner has always been a staple in makeup arsenals everywhere, but it has its moments when it goes in and out of style. Well, eyeliner is back in, and it is sweeping through the beauty world and social media as well. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you can switch up the shade or thickness of the eyeliner. This is a fun trend to play around with.

Foxy, flirty eye looks

If you are going for a mysterious look, definitely give the foxy eye a try. The foxy eye look exudes sensuality and allure. Get creative with the details, and go for an overall shape that naturally frames your face well. A flirty eye will add depth and intrigue to any style or outfit you pair it with. If you are looking for a new makeup trend that will give your look a major upgrade with this beautiful look.