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10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Feel Prettier

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Many people have become aware of the benefits of coconut oil for beauty. Coconut oil is a wonderful addition to any beauty routine because of its ability to rejuvenate skin. What’s even more exciting about this secret beauty tool is that it is very affordable and accessible to find. By adding this to your daily routine, you will quickly see results and might even just fall in love with your skin again. Check out these 10 ways to use coconut oil to feel prettier.

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Make a Hair Mask

Coconut oil works great on hair, and can help to boost nutrients. A hair mask made of coconut oil can add in additional hydration and keep your hair shiny and beautiful. Try heating the oil to a liquid state, then massage it into your scalp down to the tips. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

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Use It As Moisturizer

Coconut oil is also a great moisturizer for the skin. This works best when the oil is in its solid form, so be sure not to overheat it. Take a scoop of coconut oil and rub it between your hands, before rubbing it into your skin. Get an added bonus by using this method right after you get out of the shower, and your skin is still damp. This will really seal in extra moisture.

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Treat Eczema

What many may not know is that coconut oil can actually treat skin conditions. This is the case with eczema, and can also help treat the itchiness that is caused by eczema also. Combine liquid coconut oil with ground oats, and let it harden before using it on eczema patches.

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Use it to Soften Lips

Your lips can also benefit from coconut oil. It can help relieve dry and flaking of the lips, especially during cold, dry weather. Take some on the go with you in a small container, and it makes the perfect lip balm.

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Nourish Your Cuticles

Coconut oil is great to nourish your cuticles and combat brittle skin around the nail bed. If your cuticles are dry and rough, you may be prone to cracking or even bleeding in this area. Get your cuticles softer by massaging them with coconut oil, either after your paint or nails or daily.

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Heal Your Under Eye Circles

One of the first places to put age on your face is the area under your eyes. If you can get this area to look more youthful, you will take years of age off your face. Frequently massage coconut oil under your eyes to combat puffiness and dark circles.

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Use Coconut Oil in Baths

Soaking in coconut oil is another great way to use this beauty tool. The oil in a soothing hot bath will infuse beautifully into your skin, and make it more supple and moisturized. Drop some solid oil into the bath and watch it do its magic.

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Decrease Hair Frizz

Another great way that coconut oil helps hair is to decrease frizziness. The hydrating nature of coconut oil helps to calm straying strands. Use this method by smoothing a small amount of coconut oil in liquid form over your hair, and it should help smooth out any frizziness in your hair.

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Use it as a Leave-in Conditioner

If you are just using coconut oil to style or quickly hydrate your hair, you may not want to use that much or your hair could look oily. But if you want to increase the benefits of coconut oil for your hair, then try using it as a leave-in conditioner. Put some in your hair before bed and cover your head, and you will reap the benefits of extra smooth and moisturized hair.

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Use It to Naturally Highlight Your Cheekbones

If you wear makeup frequently, then coconut oil could definitely enhance your beauty look. Contouring is all the rage now, and coconut oil is a great tool for this. It’s actually a lot easier to use it than a lot of makeup. You just take a dab of oil and rub it on your cheeks. This will give your cheeks a beautiful natural contour that you are looking for.