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Cute Puppy Eyes Makeup Trend You Need to Know About

There’s a new makeup trend making its way around the internet and it is causing quite a stir. It is a really adorable look that everyone should try in their regular makeup routine. This trend originated in Korea and now has become a sensation pretty quickly in other countries. Many people are familiar with the cat eye makeup look. This has become a pretty well-known look that is standard now in everyday makeup looks, as well as with celebrities on the red carpet. But this new trend is something like a twist of this classic look: the puppy eye makeup trend. It is already loved by many and is growing in popularity everyday. Let’s see just how amazing this look is and how to achieve it.

Puppy dog eyeliner is a new concept out of Korea that puts a soft spin on the more sassy look of cat eye eyeliner. It has been seen on social media by many makeup bloggers and other social influencers. Whereas the cat eye look is more aggressive, this puppy dog eye look is a bit more cute and relaxed. The way your eyes are shaped will determine if this look will be a good one for you. But the nature of the puppy eye trend is one that will likely look good on many eye shapes.

You may be wondering what this new trend really looks like and how it is really different from other eyeliner styles. But this look out of Asia is different in the lack of curvature in the eyeliner line. It is less expressive and more understated, with a straight even line, or one that even droops slightly. Many beauty influencers are combining this look with a large and rounded-out eye shape or effect. This gives for a heightened innocent puppy dog look, which is totally adorable.

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Now that we have explored just how cool this trend is, let’s take a look at how to achieve it. You can create a dropping wing with eyeliner, eyeshadow, or eyeliner pencil. The thickness of the wing should be determined based on the shape of your eyes and face. So choose what will be the best thickness for you.

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One of the first steps to creating any good makeup look is to make sure your skin is thoroughly moisturized. Using something like a light therapy mask beforehand can also be a good option, as well as other hydrating methods.

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If you are accustomed to creating the cat eye look, then creating the puppy dog eye trend will be no hard task for you. You first will try to cover the circumference of the eye with your preferred eyeliner, making sure you emphasize both the lower and upper eyelids. When you reach the outer corner of the eye, you create a cute, simple wing. How big you want the wing is up to you based on the look you’d like to achieve, but the point is to keep it simple and cute.

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The next step is to complete your mascara on just the inner corner and middle of the eye, right up to the beginning of the outer droop. The trend is usually not to apply mascara to the outer corner, but you can do this as well if your lash length will allow you to curl up the ends.

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Another optional step you can add is to darken the corner of the lower eyelid, which can be done with eyeliner too. Be sure to blend it all together so that it flows smoothly on the lower lid. The idea is to create a cloud look on the outer eye corner. This is the effect of the puppy dog eye trend, and you are bound to love it.

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If you complete these steps the proper way, you will achieve the puppy dog eye trend that is becoming such a craze online. It is not the simplest look, but it is not that different from the cat eye look if you take some time to make the adjustments. Once you get the hang of it, you are sure to have a puppy dog eye look that is just as good as the makeup and beauty gurus you see on social media.