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7 Timeless Tips For Curling Your Lashes

7 Timeless Tips For Curling Your Lashes

Eyelashes are one of the most beautiful features that we have. And one way to enhance them, even more, is by curling them. There are many different gadgets for curling eyelashes, but what many people don’t know is that what you do outside of these tools is important too. There are some natural and handy ways to enhance the look of your eyelashes that go beyond the traditional methods. If you are ready to learn all the ins and outs of achieving the most beautiful eyelashes, check out these 7 timeless tips for curling your lashes.

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Let your makeup dry first

When curling eyelashes, you want to put your makeup on first and let it dry. Start with your line, eye shadow and then apply your mascara. After these steps are done and dry, you can begin curling your eyelashes. This will ensure that you are out of the danger zone with potential smudging. Additionally, the best way to proceed with the curler is to keep it closed on your lashes for about 5 seconds, and release, repeating this process until you have the desired volume.

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Change your curling angle

Another step in the curling process is to check the angle of your curler. It should always stay parallel with your lashes, which means it should be horizontal and never vertical. Then once you have the curler clamped on your lashes, it’s safe to adjust the angle. The way you rotate the curler will determine just how dramatic of a look you can achieve. Do this step with great care, as you do not want to rotate the angle so much that you damage or pull out your eyelashes.

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Add some heat to your curler

This hack is a great one to work in if you really want your eyelash curl to last longer. The best way to add heat to your curler is with a blow dryer. The trick to this hack is to make sure you do not heat up the curler too much. A small amount of heat goes a long way. Too much heat can risk damage to your eyelashes or even your eyelids.

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Make sure your eyes stay open

It may be your natural tendency to close your eyes when you are curling your lashes, but this can actually make it more difficult. The best results happen when you keep your eyes open, so that you can allow the curler to get as close to your skin on your eyelid as possible. With your eyes open, you can also make it easier to not clip your eyelid with the curler, which can end up being super painful.

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Use a spoon in a pinch

If you can’t get your hands on your eyelash curler, don’t fret. An unsuspecting household item can be used as a replacement in a bind: a spoon! Thoroughly clean the spoon first to make sure it will not contaminate your eye. Then, use the spoon and your fingertips to curl your lashes over the edge of the spoon. You will be amazed at how effective this trick can be when needed.

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Warm up your hands and use them instead

Can’t find your eyelash curler or a spoon? This hack will teach you that you don’t need a thing at all to get your eyelashes to curl. You can just use your hands! What you will want to do is rub your hands together to get some friction and heat going. Then pinch your eyelashes with your fingertips and pull them in an upwards direction. Do this for a few seconds, and then repeat. After a few tries, your eyelashes should start to stand up on their own.

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Purchase lash curlers that are self heating

Now if you have some extra funds to invest in a new lash curler, try one that can heat itself. A tool like this is super easy to use, and works similarly to mascara. You just apply it the same way. And what makes it so effective is the heat. The added heat will make sure your lashes are curled for the long haul, and eliminates the step of having to heat the curler yourself.

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