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Develop These Habits For Fabulous Hair — Every Day

Develop These Habits For Fabulous Hair — Every Day

It would be a wonderful thing if bad hair days did not exist. But the truth is, we all have those days when our hair just does not cooperate properly. This is where regular maintenance and upkeep come in. Bad hair days may be unavoidable  but taking care of your hair on a regular basis will decrease the number of bad hair days in your future. For many people, this includes buying expensive products and spending tons of money on upkeep. But there are ways to avoid spending all your hard earned money on your hair, and still keep it healthy and strong. To learn more about these simple but effective maintenance tricks, check out how to develop these habits for fabulous hair every day. 

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Make sure your hair is clean

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people overlook this simple step that can totally change your hair health. Keeping your hair clean is a simple and inexpensive way to start doing right by your hair. Experts say that how often you should wash your hair depends heavily on the climate and environment you live in, people living in a city with a lot of pollution and humidity are better off washing their hair every day. This is even true if you are very active and work out or sweat a lot every day. For people who do not have the issue of pollution or city smog and have a drier climate, they can wash their hair a few times a week. 

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Go heavy on the moisturizer

Many think of hydrating their skin as an essential act of health, but forget about their scalps. Hydrating your scalp is just as important as moisturizing any other part of your body. A hydrated scalp is the foundation for a luxurious head of hair. That is why you should never forget conditioning every time you wash your hair. This will help to keep the scalp very well moisturized and hydrated. She also recommends using a product that will protect your hair while combing and styling. 

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Be moderate when laying in the sun

Who doesn’t love a good session of soaking up vitamin D? Spending time in the sun is great for the body and mind, but can do some damage to the hair health. Just as the sun can be too much of a good thing for the skin, UV rays can also harm your hair. Additional things that impact hair health are wind and salt water  which should all be taken into account the next time you are spending a day at the beach. 

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Stay away from styling with heat

Heat styling can create some wonderful, sleek looks, but it is damaging your hair in the long term. Try to avoid heat styling as much as possible, as it can cause major disrepair to your locks. If you do use heat, go for a more gentle approach by using tools like steam rollers. These are far less damaging than tools like wands, blow dryers, hot rollers, and curling irons. Heat is only applied through steam, which is safe for hair and still effective for styling. 

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Eat a healthy diet

Ensuring your hair is healthy is not only an external venture, but an internal one too. To truly heal your hair and keep it well maintained, focus on your diet as well. It is really true that we are what we eat. Our diet has a huge impact on our external appearance, especially our hair. Focusing on a diet full of Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc and protein will work wonders for hair follicle stimulation and growth. 

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Supplement during winter months

Sometimes, you can do all the right things in terms of hair health, and still have issues. This is partly due to environmental and weather shifts as seasons change. Your hair can really take a beating during winter months, as the air is drier and more harsh on your follicles. This means that taking supplements during this time can be a real lifesaver. So try upping your intake of minerals, herbs, vitamins, and amino acids can do a lot for your hair, as well as your complexion and nails too. 

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Use quality products

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the kind of products you use on your hair. This can make or break your hair health, so ensure that you choose the highest quality products you can find.

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