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11 Ways To Achieve the Healthiest Skin Possible

11 Ways To Achieve the Healthiest Skin Possible

Want healthier, glowing skin that makes you feel better about yourself? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Simply make these 11 tips a part of your daily life, and you’ll be set! 

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1. Embrace the power of positivity

How do you react when you look at yourself in the mirror? Are you quick to point out your perceived flaws? It could be that you have “bad” skin simply because you have unreasonable expectations for how you should look. The first step towards making a change is to accept who you are and focus on the attributes that make you beautifully unique.

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2. Antioxidants are awesome

One of the factors that causes the body to age are free radicals. One of the most effective ways to ward off the effects of these aging culprits is to eat a diet that is rich in antioxidants. Consuming pecans, blueberries, garlic, sweet potatoes, and coffee – yes, coffee – are some of the best ways to achieve this! 

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3. Copper is key

Copper isn’t just used for making pennies and wiring; our body needs it for collagen synthesis as well as to maintain the pigmentation of our skin, hair, and eyes and therefore maintain a youthful appearance. Some really good sources of copper include whole grains, oysters and other shellfish, chocolate, and seeds. 

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4. Vitamin C should be celebrated

Another nutrient that we need for collagen production is Vitamin C. One medium orange is all you need to get your daily required intake, but if you want to add some variety to your diet there are plenty of other delicious options, including kiwi, papaya, strawberries, and broccoli! 

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5. Vitamin E is essential

Aside from antioxidants, Vitamin E is another great source that fights free radicals and protects your skin against damage from the sun. In addition, if your skin is feeling dry, a dose of Vitamin E is just what you need to restore and nourish it. Some good options for getting this include legumes, wild-caught salmon, avocado, and seeds.

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6. Take off that makeup before bed

You might not enjoy the routine of taking off your makeup, especially if you’re getting home late from the clubs, but sleeping with it on is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. For one thing, the makeup will clog up your pores. Also, if you aren’t using makeup that is made up of natural, organic ingredients, that extra time with the makeup on your face can cause toxins to enter your bloodstream. So before you shut off the lights, simply take 5 minutes to remove your makeup. You’ll be glad you did! 

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7. Leave those zits alone

It might be hard to resist popping those unsightly pimples and zits, but believe us when we say you’ll be better off in the long run. By squeezing them, you not only risk scarring, you can even spread bacteria that only makes your acne problem even worse! If you need to use medication to get rid of serious acne, by all means do so. But don’t literally take matters into your own hands; be patient and allow your skin to heal by itself. 

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8. Develop a fitness routine

As we all know, getting moderate exercise everyday is how we keep our hearts healthy and maintain a healthy body weight. But how does it affect our skin? Think of it this way: how do nutrients such as the aforementioned Vitamin C, E, copper and antioxidants heal and rejuvenate our skin? By going through our blood stream. Every time you get in a good workout, you are delivering oxygen and nutrients to your skin in this manner!

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9. Get your ZZZ’s

The term “beauty sleep” might sound cliché, but there is some real truth to it! While you are getting shut-eye, your entire body recharges, detoxifies, and replenishes. Studies show that most people aren’t getting the hours necessary to allow these processes. Shoot for at least 8 every night! 

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10. Get enough good fats

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating fats as long as they are of the healthy variety and are consumed in moderation. Grab a handful of nuts, drizzle your salads with extra virgin olive oil. Get Omega-3s by eating salmon and sprinkling flax seeds on your foods. If you’re a vegan, use coconut milk in your cooking. 

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11. Don’t forget about Zinc

Yet another nutrient that your body needs in order to repair skin cells is zinc. Not only does it help in healing wounds and dying up tissue injuries, but it might even help your skin stay acne-free. Wild caught fish, raw cacao, pumpkin seeds, lobster, and red meat (in moderation) are ideal ways to get enough zinc. 

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