To get youthful plump and beautiful skin collagen is crucial. It is a very fundamental protein that retains the bones and tissues together in the human body. . It provides strength and elasticity to the body further it replaces dead skin cells. Not only for your skin but it performs as a building block for your bones, hair, muscles, tendons, teeth and ligaments, and certain connective tissues. Although, it is naturally produced by our body and by ageing process collagen decreases. After 25 years we start reducing natural collagen however, this ageing process can be slow down by taking collagen supplements. The more you have collagen in your body the fewer you have wrinkles and saggy skin. If collagen is reducing in your body then you can attain it from different collagen containing products, in office treatments, and different healthy lifestyle habits now.

When layers of skin get thin ageing process starts due to the decrease in collagen. The reduction in collagen leads to a loss in firmness and elasticity of the skin and you start noticing wrinkles, fine lines, weaker muscles and joint pain in the body. Some environmental factors are the cause of collagen breaks down other than age like pollution and sun exposure. You experience less structural support and skin thinning when collagen decreases with the age which results in wrinkle and aging.

Besides, Protein plays a great job in the body. The body gets texture, rigidity, toughness and tissue structure by collagen. For the overall healthy body, collagen is crucial. By taking a small amount of up to 10 grams of collagen peptides can improve hydration in your body, skin firmness and density of collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen has antioxidant properties, by taking hydrolyzed collagen you can get protection against UV induced Melasma, in which skin suffers patches of discoloration on the face.

Not only skeleton as a whole, but it has the potential benefits for post menopausal women who have reduction in bone mineral density collagen can also increase bones formation in the spine and hip by taking a small amount. When you have less collagen then you may suffer swollen stiff and painful joints. It functions like the oil in the car to keep your joints and ligament, tendons smooth it helps a lot. It also relieved osteoarthritis pain as well. Moreover, it helps in relieving joint pain. It’s proven that micro-injuries in cartilage and inflammation which contribute to discomfort can be repaired by proteins. 

Furthermore, collagen has more surprising benefits for your cardiovascular health, helps in reducing the risk of coronary artery disease. One more collagen element is Proline it helps to repair arteries and clear fat accumulation. It’s also been shown to reduce blood pressure. Not only it helps in your cardiovascular health but also helps in your liver disease and release toxins from your liver. 

Furthermore, it also helps to insure your intestines and seal them and heals your leaky gut where toxins of your body pass through your digestive tract into the whole body and can ruin your entire system.  It helps you in digestion if suffering from any inflammatory bowel diseases.

You can increase metabolism and muscle mass because collagen contains amino acid glycine that helps in converting glucose into energy and increase lean mass.  When you have more lean mass you have more metabolisms. In short to keep you healthy and youthful lastly collagen plays a vital role.