In the modern age, the concept of beauty is changing with time. Today’s women have different mindsets from what they had 10 years ago. In the 20th century, the concept of beauty has been extended way beyond. Now beauty is not just perfect appearance but it is about charm, grace, the perfection of fitness, intellect, and progress. Women after 40 years used to be considered old but now it is called their prime time. Besides, diverse cultures have expanded and changed the beauty standards now. In recent years, many beauty-related brands and industries have flourished. Women spend so much time and money on makeup, plastic surgeries, Botox, injections, implants, working out in the gym, keep themselves skinny and curvy.

Furthermore, Personality is timeless but appearance does matter. Since the 50s makeup has been an important part of many women’s lives. Today makeup industry earns billions of dollars. There are so many new products that have been introduced to look as you are not wearing any makeup. These expensive makeup products are formulating for everyday women’s needs. In old age, body shape trends were not the same as now. In the 50s and 60s, this perception of becoming slimmer and healthier started and still goes on. Every woman now wants to have o-size supermodel look or hourglass body shape. However, the main source is social media that encourages every girl and woman to get pressure on minds rather than encouraging adopting healthier lifestyle and ideal weight. Therefore, everyone girl just wants to be skinny through extra amount of exercise disordered eating and plastic surgeries which have negative impact on women’s minds.

In addition to, today you have a wide range of beauty and skincare products to removes and make your look better. Different brands have really negative impact on today’s woman. But there is a positive side too, now through media the awareness and acceptance of diverse body shape and color is developing. Within the world of fashion this acceptance was needed since long. There has been twist in the fashion industry; today models are from different ethnic groups not only lighter and taller girls. In the last few centuries, fair color ruled out as an icon of beauty, many women of diverse ethnic groups used to bleach their skin with fairness creams.  Likewise, different hair styles and colors go in and out of fashion.  Women of today spend hours and dollars on straightening or curling treatments. Now fashion industry is making room for different skin tones women, obese women, bald, wrinkled and short women.

In a nutshell, modern age beauty concept has more negative and damaging effect for a girl because it is unrealistic to attain.