In today’s world, beauty is associated with being fair. There is a strong association between light color and beauty and opposite side dark color and unattractiveness. This concept of fairness is being delivered by our culture and media especially, commercials on Television. These commercials and societal behavior making the minds of individuals that fairness is the mark of superiority and success in every walk of life. This ideology is developing through different skincare brands that result in a dark complexion girl feel insecure about her skin tone and her marriage and success. They are transferring to us to believe that the lighter color measures the worth of a person and one’s future success is based on it. For many years, color has been the main form of discrimination over the world apart from one’s race, caste, culture, and creed.

  The notion behind this negative behavior of our society is growing day by day. Hence, we want to be beautiful only by, getting light color skin. We keep succumbing to it, to join this race and win the world without knowing the fact that beauty is not about skin tone.

Many years ago, skin color reflected the social ranking. The lighter the skin color the higher you were privileged. This notion comes from years of colonialism. The white man burden concept was followed and still following in today’s world. The rulers and emperors had lighter skin tones, Dutch, French, and the British, the power began to associate with fair complexion.

Now we need to change our mindset about beauty. Beauty does not mean a lighter color tone.

Although it is ironic fair-skinned Americans and Europeans use fake tan creams and spend money at salons to get tanned skin.

 One’s skin tone either lighter or darker does not make someone beautiful. There is nothing wrong with any complexion. our skin color just defines our genes, from which family and heritage we are, what the lifestyle we follow, that’s it. To change this negative the behavior of our society we need to accept that every skin tone is beautiful itself.

True beauty is what you are. Beauty has no specific color neither fairness defines beauty. Whichever skin color you have but you own it with confidence either light or dark complexion. Be confident the way you have been created. Our minds, uniqueness, and dynamic character are a real beauty. Actual beauty does not only appear to have healthy glowing skin but compassion, love, humility, kindness, and especially respect for others. It’s time to change this thinking of beauty that success in not based on fair skin. A black girl deserves to enjoy higher rank in the society. Beauty has no specific skin tone.