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How do Luxury Brands differentiate their Products?

Luxury brands require positioning their products differently than conventional products. The manufacturers charge a high price for their products and they should convince the consumers regarding the utility of the product. A handbag, perfume, or slipper is always available at a significantly lower price in the retail market. Then, why a consumer would purchase a product from a luxury brand? Luxury brands attract consumers through the exclusivity and limited availability of the products. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Hermès are famous luxury brands. You will not find their handbags, sneakers, and shoes in all retail outlets. They are exclusively sold on their authorized outlets. They are highly expensive and wearing these brands creates a distinction in the personality. When you wear the clothes or use the perfumes, people interacting with you notice these products and appreciate your class and style. You will feel privileged because everyone can’t access and use these products.

Luxury brands also use materials of high quality and still get a good profit margin because of a higher price. Their business model also enables them to consider other factors such as sustainable fashion and corporate social responsibility. One factor that is an area of concern for luxury brands is the use of counterfeit products. Many retailers use the labels and logo of luxury brands and sell counterfeit products to customers. This practice not only results in a loss to the consumers but also affects the exclusivity aspect of the luxury brands. The best strategy for the consumers is to purchase these products only from authorized dealers or from the recognized online stores such as Amazon.

In the case of online stores, the rating of the sellers and customer reviews should also be read. When you purchase a luxury brand, you invest a significant amount to receive a premium and high-quality product. You should do thorough research so that you do not end up purchasing a non-genuine, counterfeit product. You should keep this thing in mind that luxury brands will have high pricing due to their high quality. If a seller is offering a luxury product at a lower price, it is definitely an indication that the product is not genuine. Purchasing a cheap product will also not fulfill your purpose of standing out in the crowd because a luxury product should not be easily affordable for everyone. Luxury brands have now maintained an active presence on social media websites as well, and you should review details on their official accounts. Through the live chat feature, you can ask for the best available dealers in your area, and then you will always purchase a genuine product.