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Find the Best Dresses for Your Body Type

If you go outside and see a beautiful dress but does not suitable for your body type you cannot buy that you need to keep your shape in mind. The structure of your body is your body type. By understanding your body type you can make better decisions to enhance your look according to the body proportion. If a dress is not according to your physique it does not mean you are out of proportion.

Many types of the body will help to understand which type your body fits in. If you have a hefty upper body than the lower part and have broader shoulders and bust line than your lower body then you fall into the Apple-shaped body type. It is also known as a downwards triangle or cone shape. A-line or empire cuts are the best choices for you if you have a heavy waistline. You should put effort into an emphasis on your lower part. Flared and layered bottoms and palazzo can highlight your legs. Printed dresses, monochrome looks, and dark colors are ideal. Avoid baggy clothes, they will make your figure broader.

Another body type is an hourglass-shape. This body shape is a well-balanced body shape with a well-defined waistline with a big upper and lower part of your body. For this body shape, you can dress up any outfit without intimidation but a body-hugging dress is the best choice to flaunt your body curves. If you have this silhouette then you are fortuitous. Avoid wearing loose baggy tops and bottoms as they will spoil the look.

The next body silhouette is a pear-body shape or triangle or spoon shape. Your upper body is smaller than your butt and thighs. It is opposed to an apple shape. You can try loose tops with layers and ruffled tops with fitted jeans and bottom to create an hourglass look. Boat neck, crop tops, A-line skirts will equalize your whole body. If you like the way your shape is then never go with a loose bottom and fitted tops.

When you have a floated body from shoulder to hips with a small to average bust and no curves means you have a rectangular or ruler, or banana body shape. It is just like an hourglass shape if you discard a defined waistline. You can go with the sleeveless, strapless ruffled tops and long jackets will provide you a statement look. Wear dresses that highlight your bottom and neckline.

Inverted Triangle body shape is when your shoulders are wider than your lower body. Your upper part is proportionally larger than your hips. This body type is usually considered athletic. Straight cut jeans, pencil-cutis skirts and, inverted v-look dresses will be your thing. These dresses will add volume to your narrow bottom. With layered and ruffled bottoms you can create a balanced look.