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Fashion is a great depression

Fashion is a great depression it is a dreadful killer of your mental peace. Everyone is dying after fashion and become the absolute slave and if they find even a slight error in a dress they sue the tailors. Today’s fashion is completely based on nudity.

The main depression of fashion of the time is the trendy dresses are not as comfortable as they should be. These stylish designs of dresses are created in body-conscious styles like tight and restrictive. For women, high fashion footwear is also not easy to carry which brings incredible discomfort. Even if the models on the ramp walk often stumbled and fall then how can a normal girl can wear sky-high heels or platform shoes in the public. Undoubtedly, these are quite stylized and extreme but in real-life for the general population, it is just like watered-down.

Not only women suffer from fashion but men also feel uncomfortable and restrictive like they hate wearing neckties and suit jackets as they are body fitted and restrict arms a full range of movement which is quite annoying likewise tight stiff collars of shirts also cause discomfort for men.

However, Fashion for many people is out of reach not everyone can afford the latest styles and high ended accessories. Fashion has become a measuring tool of judgment and people of different class often judge their peers by their dresses and accessories they own. It happens in the high, junior or even elementary schools and colleges too where students judge each other this is the one reason for uniform for some schools.

Yet another main cause of depression in fashion is thin models wear stylish dresses and tries to highlight their unrealistic physique. Many men and women try to follow them and want to be like fashion models which are difficult to be in real and may result in many body tissues such as dimorphic issues by comparing their normal body to ideal.  Men and women who try to attain the thinner model body look often face anorexia, bulimia, abuse of drugs and laxatives.

However, People are more tend to waste their money on trendy dresses and might spend too much money on unnecessary things. Most people make friends by appearances and if you do not respond according to the expectations of others then they will disappoint you. Not merely money but it consumes lots of time when you want to go with fashion. Sometimes you have not enough money to waste on highly expensive dresses which ultimately result in depression due to financial problems when you owing to the financial problem and not able to keep up your appearances then people judge you and get shocked.