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10 Essentials For Every Working Women’s Bag

As you move throughout your day, it is important that you have your essential tools with you. This will help you get through any occasion or situation. Every woman has their unique go-to items they gravitate towards. This could be based on your job, hobbies, or overall lifestyle. But there are some items that almost all women could use in their toolkit, whether that be a purse, handbag, or book bag. Having what you need is the key to staying focused and on the right course. To learn some key items to keep with you at all times, check out these 10 essentials for every working women’s bag.

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Ear Pods or Headphones

Today’s trend is having wireless headphones like ear pods. But any type of headphones is a good tool to keep with you no matter what. These can come in handy when you just need a break from the noise, and want to tune into your own vibe.

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Moisturizing Lipstick

Many women wear lipstick and keep a stick of it with them, so this is no surprise that this makeup essential makes the list. You likely already have a go to shade or type, which is good so that it is easy to grab or restock when needed. But make sure that the brand you use is moisturizing and doing its part to hydrate your lips.

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Notepad and Pen

Having something to write with, and a notebook or journal, is an excellent thing to have. You never know when you will need to jot down an idea or feeling throughout your day. Keeping track of your schedule is important to the woman on the go.

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A Nice Wallet

While it is pretty crucial to have a central place to keep your cards and cash, like a wallet, it is a plus if the wallet is also stylish. What is essential is that the wallet is functional also. Make sure that you have compartments and sections that serve your needs.

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Chargers and other Electronics

The reality of today is that you need to have your phone for many tasks and responsibilities. Whether it is tracking your virtual to-do list, or communicating with family or colleagues, you likely use your phone several times a day. This is why keeping it charged with a charger is essential.

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Food and Beverage Containers

With the busy days, you have to get through, it is definitely important to fuel your mind and body. This means making sure you have food and hydrating, energizing beverages with you on the go. Take advantage of reusable food storage containers for meals and snacks, and compact cups or mugs for your coffee, water, or other drinks.

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Claw Clip or Scrunchie

There is no worse feeling than wanting to put your hair up on a muggy day, reaching down into your purse, and realizing that you don’t have anything to put your hair up with. It is the worst! While you can keep scrunchies on hand, claw clips are actually an even better option. This is because it is less damaging to your hair.

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Silk Scarf

This one may not be your ordinary go to, but silk scarves can come in handy in a number of ways. You can use it to add some flare to your business wear, or even use it for some pizzazz by tying it to your purse. You can also use it to tie up your hair or for an after-work look.

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Hand Cream and Hand Sanitizer

Another pet peeve that many women have is dirty hands or dry hands. Neither is a pretty picture, and can be a real drag if you don’t have the proper tools. Be sure to keep a moisturizing hand cream and a small hand sanitizer in your bag at all times.

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Sunnies or Glasses

Eye care is an underrated need for many people. But having a good pair of sunglasses can not only keep your eyes protected from the sun, but adds a cool lens to a long day. Also if you wear glasses or contacts, this is a given to keep handy so that you can see clearly through the day.