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7 Food Items That Make You Smell Better and Feel Sexier

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Science has been having a real field day the last few years. First, they held back a whole pandemic, and now they’ve done research into food that impacts your body odor in such a way that they’ve managed to actually give you food advice that’s also dating advice. I know, the limits of this knowledge are impossible to grasp.

Since body odor is very strongly tied to attractiveness to the opposite sex, eating food that objectively makes you smell better might not be such a bad idea. Let’s take a look at some dietary changes you could make to improve your dating life. Somehow.

Apples vs. Pumpkins

Apples have a natural anti-bacterial agent in them that protects you against bad breath. It’s essentially Mother Nature’s mouth wash, so don’t ever feel afraid to eat one on the day of a date. Pumpkins on the other hand contain choline, which gets broken down into trimethylamine, which can cause body odor when you have too much of it.

Citrus Fruits vs. Cruciferous Vegetables

Apparently, our body has this weird thing where it emanates the smells from citrus fruits whenever you eat them. Basically, the best way to smell like oranges is to eat oranges. Citrus fruits also contain acids that flush out toxins that would make you smell bad. Cruciferous veggies on the other hand can create unpleasantly smelling sweat.

White Fish vs. Pink Fish

I know we all love our slice of salmon, but much like red meat, it can make you smell very unpleasantly. Sadly this also goes for tuna and all other fish that aren’t white by default. Whitefish won’t make you smell better, but it’s smell-neutral meaning it won’t make you smell worse either.

Yogurt vs. Milk

Remember that choline we talked about with pumpkins? Yeah, milk has that too. Yogurt on the other hand has some probiotics in it that help neutralize your body odor. It does this by combating toxins inside your body that make you smell worse. So next time you’re having your morning cereal, try eating them with yogurt instead of just milk. The people sitting next to you on the bus will thank you.

Green Tea vs. Coffee

Caffeine is sadly known for creating very bad body odor. Green tea on the other hand contains neat things like polyphenols and catechins, both of which help in making you smell better or less bad. Green and black tea also contain tannins, which help a lot in combating foot odor. It’s a very specific problem to fix, but at least it’s effective and easy to do.

Celery vs. Junk Food

Let’s be honest here: there’s no health, lifestyle, or dietary article in which you’ll probably see this match-up being won by the junk food. This is no different. The main reason why celery wins isn’t because it makes you smell better though, but because it makes you send out more pheromones, which makes you more desirable to the opposite sex.

Cardamom and Cinnamon vs. Onions and Garlic

We all know from a very young age that onion and garlic are some of the worst smell-inducing foods out there. If you’ve ever talked to someone that had eaten garlic while you hadn’t eaten any, you know what I’m talking about. Cardamom has the opposite effect and will make your breath smell fresher, while cinnamon has similar results for your body odor and will help get rid of bad smells.