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Tough Workouts That Will Give You Amazing Results Within Weeks

Having a routine when changing your physique is essential to getting results. But If your workout regime has gotten sluggish and predictable, it may be time to switch things up. High-impact workouts are great to incorporate and can help you see a difference quickly. Once you get adjusted to these exercises that are high intensity, incorporate a new one to keep your body guessing. You are sure to begin seeing improvement in as little as two weeks. But don’t stop there: keep the momentum flowing, and you will make long-lasting changes. Check out these tough workouts that will give you amazing results within weeks.

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Lunges and planks

Lunges and planks are great options for a full body transformation. They activate different areas of your body and can help you see amazing results. Be sure to engage the muscles you are working for the best results. Try 3 sets of 18 lunges, and 3 sets of one-minute plants. And if this is too big of a challenge, work up to it at your own pace.

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Many people don’t really gravitate towards burpees, and it is understandable. They are a full-body workout that can be difficult to do. But they are such a good workout, that access almost every muscle in your body. Burpees increase metabolism, burn major calories, and increase heart rate as well. Go with 3 sets of 18 burpees, and finish with a run for some great results. You may not start out liking burpees. But when you see what this exercise can do for you on a consistent basis, burpees may become your favorite go-to workout.

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High Intensity Sessions

This 25-minute workout focuses on high-intensity exercises that will really push you to your limit. If you are looking for a challenge that will take your burn session to the next level, this is a good option for you. Your heart rate will definitely increase, as long as you keep your intensity level up through the video. After a workout like this, you will definitely feel the burn and feel accomplished while doing it.

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Belly Fat Burn

Burning belly fat with interval workouts is a great way to attack stubborn belly fat. This video will work your full body, but is especially targeting your core muscles. The intervals follow a 20-second exercise and 20-second rest period pattern, which will keep your body guessing. This will ensure maximum calories are being burned, and that your results are coming quickly.

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This exercise is based on military training, and will work your body from top to bottom. The workouts are based on plyometric exercises and will target your core, as well as assist in a full body shift to your entire physique. And if you are still ready to burn more energy, follow up this exercise with a run for a few miles. Incorporate this exercise video into your routine regularly and the results will surely follow.

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Inner and Outer Thigh Workouts

If you have a problem area in your leg region, then this video is for you. Even if you have well-toned thighs, exercises like this will help you keep them this way. This quick 13-minute video helps you to isolate both the inner and outer thigh to make sure you aren’t missing any muscular areas. Made by a fitness star, this video is the best in thigh exercise and will most certainly make you sweat and burn major calories. Be sure to keep this video in your workout arsenal so you can stay inspired and achieve great-looking legs.

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Quick Ab Workout

You may think that you have to focus a lot of time on abs and working on your core. But that is not necessarily the case. The key is to find new ways to work your abs so that your core does not get too accustomed to your exercise regimen. This video can show you how to target your abs in just 7 minutes a day. What’s great about this video is that it will show you non-traditional ab workouts to wake up your core and get those calories burning.