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7 Simple Ways To Eat Right When Cooking Isn’t Your Forte

A healthy diet is one of the most important aspects of life that we must all embrace. But it can also be one of the hardest things to achieve if you haven’t always been a healthy eater. Incorporating healthy foods into your diet can be easier if you are a natural-born cook, and love to make your own meals. But this gets a little bit more tricky when you are not really a good cook, or don’t have a desire to cook frequently. But don’t worry just yet — there are some simple tips you can use to eat healthy even if you don’t like cooking. These food hacks will set you up for success in your diet and help you achieve that healthier lifestyle you desire. Check out these 7 simple ways to eat right when cooking isn’t your forte.

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Make simple dishes

If you are the kind of person who just don’t love being in the kitchen for hours, or doesn’t have the time, you can still eat healthy by making simple meals. With this method, if you do have to spend any time in the kitchen, you can make it as short as possible. Try meals like pasta and salads, with easy but hearty ingredients.

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Make your ingredients count

As stated, it’s important to use good ingredients in your meals. This is because what ingredients you use can make or break your meal’s nutritional value. If you are making a simple meal, having a few really high-quality ingredients will ensure you are getting the healthy content you need. Quality ingredients will also help ensure that your meals are tastier, even if your cooking skills aren’t up to par.

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Cook in batches

If you are still a decent cook, but just don’t want to be in the kitchen every day of your life, consider cooking in batches. You can make large quantities of different foods, prep them in various containers, and use them later. You can meal prep for the week, or you can even make enough to freeze and use weeks later. You can spend as little as a few hours a week cooking if you use this method.

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Share your meals

If you have friends or family that come over often, or who even live with you, you can also share your meals. You will be sharing with them, and they can share their meals too. This means that you will be responsible for cooking one less meal when you are able to enjoy theirs. You can even make a deal where they cook, and you clean and purchase the ingredients. Now that’s called working smarter and not harder.

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Find a local deli

If you need a complete break from the kitchen, another option is to find a deli in your local neighborhood. While cooking yourself may be more economical and gives you the autonomy to know what’s in your food, a local deli is another great choice. This will still give you access to fresh, local foods that you can combine for meals with even less prep.

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Check out restaurants

Of course, if you want to stay out of the kitchen, there is the tried and true route of just going out to eat at a restaurant. You may not be able to wine and dine your way through the entire week, but restaurants are a quick and easy way to get the job done. Look for discounts online for different restaurants, and try to stick to healthier options on the menu.

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Find someone who shares your goals

We really are the company we keep, and it helps if those closest to you are also on a similar healthy eating journey. Not only that, but if you find someone who loves to cook, that is a win-win situation. Even if they are not on the level of a professional chef, if they enjoy being in the kitchen, you can do less cooking between you both. If this is the case, it would be a nice and fair gesture to counteract their cooking responsibilities by taking on other duties and chores around the house. Or if you don’t live together and they still meal prep for you, find other ways to make their life easier through acts of service or another love language they may have.