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10 Best Smells In The World

No matter where we are or what we are doing, we experience the world through our senses. One sense in particular that holds very strong weight is our sense of smell. Scent can carry so much meaning and memory, whether it is the smell of freshly baked cookies at your grandmother’s house or the perfume of your high school sweetheart. Your sense of smell can transport you to another time and place in the blink of an eye. While smells can be very personal and individualized, there are some smells that we all share a love of. These smells are widely recognized and have a universal commonality that can bring various types of people together. These popular smells tie us to particular memories or associations to concepts and familiar places or things. If you are ready to go through a journey of aroma discovery, check out these 10 best smells in the world.

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Fresh Cut Grass

Freshly cut grass is one of the most popular scents. It evokes feelings of better weather approaching and the arrival of Spring. When grass is cut, it releases a compound called cis-3-hexenal is released, which is in fruits like grapes and strawberries. What is interesting is that this smell is emitted by plants as a signal of distress.

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Coffee is loved by people all over the world, and its scent profile is quite complex. It is made up of over 1,000 compounds, a wonderful smell for the nose. Research shows that just the smell of coffee can provide a mental boost before even physically drinking it.

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Fresh Bread

Who doesn’t love fresh bread? According to studies, almost everyone loves freshly baked bread. The feel-good association of fresh bread is so high that it’s a known trick of the trade to bake fresh bread before a potential home buyer stops in for a tour. Studies have shown that the smell of fresh bread can even increase charitable and empathetic emotions, which directly affected people’s willingness to help strangers in a related study.

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For many people, the smell of bacon gives them nostalgic flashbacks to weekend mornings of a hearty and tasty breakfast with friends or family. Research shows that the lovable smell of bacon comes from the Maillard Reaction, the combination of sugars and amino acids being broken down during the cooking process.

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The slight sting and punch of freshly cut citrus is electrifying. Citrus smells are associated with tropical destinations and beautiful weather. Citrus smells can also bring alertness and energy boosts, which are definitely an added benefit the next time you cut a fresh orange or lemon.

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Mint is a loved smell by people all over and is used in many different cleaning products, aromatherapy, and cooking ingredients. It evokes a sense of freshness and cleanliness, and is said to enhance mental and cognitive function, like increasing attention span and concentration, improving problem solving skills, and even enhancing energy.

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Vanilla is the scent of both comfort and luxury. Vanilla brings memories of childhood and baked treats. Vanilla is also a key ingredient in many of the most luxurious and elegant fragrance and beauty products on the market. It is also great for reducing stress and soothing the mind and body.

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The Ocean

The smell of the sea or ocean has a smell unlike no other, and it has a wonderful mental association. It evokes memories or feelings of freedom, travel, international locations and spending time with loved ones. What is responsible for this smell is a compound called dimethyl sulphide, or DMS.

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Petrichor is the name for the smell produced when rain meets the ground. This smell is a combination of two things — when oil is released from plants and when soil releases actinomycete bacteria. This smell is a favorite aroma by many, no matter where you are on Earth.

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Rosemary is a very distinct smell that has a woodsy and earthy tone. It is popular with many including professional chefs and home cooks all over. Rosemary is frequently used for aromatherapy and as an herb for cooking. It is known to have stimulating effects for both the mind and body, helping to improve memory and focus.

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