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7 Ways to Feel More Positive About Monday

The day of the week that people hate the most by a very long distance is probably Monday. You’re stuck having to get back to work for five days until you get another weekend and if you’re not feeling properly energized to get started about your week, your only real option is to just power through it and hope it’ll get better as the week progresses. Spoiler alert: it never does.

If you’re looking for ways to feel more positive about this most dreadful of events, look no further and keep reading below.

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Weekday Plans

The thing that might help against the Monday blues is trying to make some plans for things you can do during the week. It doesn’t have to be much, but it’ll give you something to look forward to and break up your week. Even just the idea of doing anything but work in the next five days is going to give you so much peace of mind that it’s worth turning into your new habit.

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Practice Self-Care

Yes, the work week is boring, but you can still do something for yourself. Go grab a cup of coffee, go on a walk, take a long bath. Just do anything you can to give yourself small wellness boosts during the day so you can keep your motivation levels up. Besides, you can’t make time for anyone else if you’re not taking care of yourself first.

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Rest Up In The Weekend

Many people have the tendency to plan everything in their weekend because they can’t find the time to do anything during the week, but you should really consider using your weekends to rest up. Giving yourself no time to recover after a rough week at work is going to create a situation that’ll keep dragging you down slowly but surely. Sitting and doing nothing isn’t boring – it’s taking care of yourself!

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Plan Your Week

Having some structure and plan to your week can help you mentally prepare for everything that’s going to happen and that you’re going to do. Harder things tend to get easier when you know what they’re gonna be all about. It’ll help get you through the week and help avoid unforeseen problems popping up during the week that absorb all your leftover energy.

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Get Big Things Done

It’s easy to procrastinate, but if you start your week by just getting rid of all the annoying things, it’ll help you get through the rest of the week a lot easier. Many people try to “ease into” their work week, but that’ll keep the bigger and more annoying tasks on your mind for a few days before you finally knock them down. And usually they’re not half as bad as you’re imagining anyway, so you’re just stressing yourself needlessly.

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Morning Routine

If there’s one thing that’ll help you get started on Monday, it’s enjoying your morning routine. You’ll feel a lot better if you wake up 30 minutes early to have a nice long breakfast instead of popping out of bed at the very last moment to drink a cup of coffee and get straight to it. Start your Monday morning relaxed, and you’ll feel more relaxed. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Work Hard, Play Hard

The most important thing in life is balance, so whenever you need to do something intense for work, you should compensate with something intense for yourself. Had a long, boring meeting? Go meet up with some friends at a local pub. An annoying deadline that took you half a day of intense work? Take a nice long bath to unwind. If you keep everything balanced, Friday will be there before you know it!

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