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5 Hacks To Make Your Laundry Room Look Super Organized

5 Hacks To Make Your Laundry Room Look Super Organized

Laundry rooms tend to occupy really tiny spaces in the home, and yet you sometimes feel like half of your entire possessions have been crammed into this little area. If any room requires regular rearrangement, it’s definitely this one. Folks, it’s time to transform your laundry room so that it can perform its actual function: to clean your clothes. 

After consulting with the pros, we’ve developed a few hacks so profound that you might just want to do your laundry more frequently! Confession: we love to wildly exaggerate things around here. 

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Remove all items not related to laundry from the room

Here’s something to ask yourself: why do you keep your toilet bowl cleaner and vacuum cleaner in a room without toilets or carpet? You have no good answer, right? The bathroom cleaning products should be placed under the sink or in the bathroom closet. Likewise, the items intended for cleaning the kitchen belong in the kitchen. The vacuum can go into the living room closet. Have you ever noticed that you keep a bottle of Windex in the laundry room and another in the kitchen? By placing things in the rooms they are actually used in, you eliminate duplicates. Now that your laundry room is no longer cluttered, it’s time for the second step. 

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Organize vertically

When you’ve got a tiny space, you don’t want everything lined up on the floor. Instead, you should opt for shelves instead. If you’ve got the space, put one over the doorway. Next, it is time to install some cabinets above your washer and dryer units, or on the opposite wall depending on the configuration of your room. You will now have cupboards to store your detergent, fabric softener, and everything else that is laundry-related. However, if you don’t have the space for any of this, but want to keep things out of reach from your young children, simply get yourself a tension rod. You can also get the most out of the space by using S-hooks where supply baskets, brooms and other items that you’ve decided should not be banished from the laundry room.

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Maximize the space

Got space between or next to your washer and dryer? That will soon be a distant memory. Invest in a shelf or narrow rolling rack to fit between them, and now you’ve got some extra space to use! If there simply isn’t much room left to right, it probably makes more sense to stack your dryer on top of the washer to give you more space. Those bulky laundry baskets used for transporting your sheets, shirts, socks and unmentionables are also a thing of the past. March on over to your local IKEA and purchase some large blue bags to use for the same purpose instead.

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Get your cupboards and shelves in order

Perhaps you do already have enough storage space in your laundry room, but are using it the wrong way. Imagine opening the cupboard door and having a heavy bottle of detergent fall out and knock you across the head. Or a drawer so disorganized and crammed with things that it won’t even shut! It’s time to take control of the situation. Here are some strategies for adding order to the chaos:

  • Get a Lazy Susan Turntable to maximize counter or cupboard space
  • Head over to Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, or literally any store with “Dollar” in its title and get a few reasonably-priced storage containers. 
  • Stow wire or drawer boxes inside cupboards
  • Attach magnetic storage thingamabobs to the side of your washer and dryer units. 

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Reorganize your pile of dirty laundry (and make it smell better in the process)

Your laundry room can quickly turn into a mountain of dirty clothes if you allow your laundry to accumulate. If you have a large family or prefer to wash clothes in bulk, you can put them into bags that stack if space in the room is limited. Or you can even designate another room for dirty laundry, such as the living room closet, until it is time to do a wash. If you’re worried about the smell, put some drops of essential oil on items that won’t get stained (such as a white t-shirt or pillow case). 

When you use our suggested hacks, your laundry room will look so exceptional that you might be tempted to spend the rest of your days living in it. But you really shouldn’t!

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