Yoga is an excellent addition to your beauty regiment. Surprisingly, our faces need yoga and exercise. In today’s world if you want to keep your face beautiful, stress-free and young then the natural way of maintaining your beauty is face yoga. It is trending in the modern age. You can get relaxed by toning your muscles and your face look less rounded by it. It also helps in preventing sagging and wrinkles. You can tone and tightens and control the muscles of your face by regular face exercises.

Yet face yoga require no cost like over the counter anti-ageing creams. It is less expensive than cosmetic surgery. Only a few minutes require periodically throughout the day while expensive treatment compel much time to spend or to get creams you need time to purchase. However, you should go with natural than toxic Botox. There are so harmful ingredients found in most anti-ageing creams like paraffin, heavy artificial fragrances and different mineral oils whereas facial yoga is purely natural.

Further, you can slow down the ageing process by it. All the facial expressions we regularly use are the cause of wrinkles like the more we smile, frequently we squint eyes, or become tense. Face yoga can help to slow down these effects of unconscious furrowing brows and pursing your lips. These habits of certain facial expressions contribute to our wrinkles.

Besides, it enhances self-esteem and your confidence as you feel good when you look better, generate positive emotions. It helps not only in face rejuvenation but also helps in positive improvements related to facial expression, tongue muscle power and mental health as it reprograms muscle memory. Alternate nostril breathing as a part of yoga practice helps to manage stress and to still your mind to be more mindful. Additionally, it is greatly enjoyable to practice yoga posses when you know it is good for you and not only give you a youthful look but it releases your tension and helps in chronic neck pain when you practice neck yoga posses.

Moreover, it assists in eliminating the dreaded double chin and jowls. With more focus on the neck which can sag when you get older this goes hand in hand with running your face muscles. To promote youthfulness neck exercises are believed as a beauty secret. Firm the neckline. Make your face more symmetrical and make your face less rounded. Further it Stimulates collagen production. By exercising facial muscles you draw blood, oxygen and extra circulation to the skin. Comparatively from the frozen look of Botox and different peeling procedures cause red scarring facial yoga provides a neutral glow and relaxed look. To assist the mind with stress and turmoil, you just need to do it regularly.