We are no longer active as our ancestors were. Regular exercise and healthy nutrition choices in our daily life in today’s technologically advanced world, both are important.

Often, you may consume hundred of calories but it takes hours to burn off them. Exercise is a key to success when you see people who have lost weight and who are managing to keep it off. Whereas, exercise alone cannot drive significant weight loss because our subconscious eating habits can easily counteract. By being more physically active we unknowingly compensate for the calories we burn.

Moreover, exercise helps you boost your metabolism which helps to burn more calories. Diet alone cannot do that. Although, it is true that exercise indeed increases metabolism whereas physical exertion actively increases appetite. Those who are adhered to the rigid exercise regimes also tend to increase simultaneously their calorie intake. Restrict your diet when you are starting to weight loss to optimize the impact of your exercise. Keep in mind that feeling hungry is an inevitable side effect of losing weight and modification in your dietary habits. If you increase calorie intake increase the intensity or frequency of your workout.

For effective exercise and in order to achieve the desired goal of weight loss the right calorie intake, energy, and nutrition in your body are very important. As the food is the fuel for exercise. To optimize the energy levels ensure that you fuel your body with the right foods then you can benefit from these dynamics. Follow the Mediterranean diet which is good to promote good health by healthy nutrition.

To see the benefits you do not need to work out for hours. You can get benefits by frequent shorter sessions of 10 minutes, two to three times a day in a moderate intensity. To keep yourself motivated add variety to your exercise. But keep in mind that as a standalone endeavor the mechanics of weight loss restrict the effectiveness of the exercise. It will save time and help you to get your goals quickly. Plan to reduce your calorie intake responsibly and that will reduce your weight quickly and over time.

It is proven that, an increase in physical activity has not countered rising obesity levels which confirm that only exercise is not enough to prevent weight gain or control chronic dietary conditions. So far, we have a focus on long term results but in our modern life we are so impatient and want short-term results immediately for that reason diet is the most influential factor in driving rapid weight loss. Before you consider undertaking cardiovascular exercise and toning regime initially focus on shedding excess calories.

In a nutshell, exercise and diet are equally important for long-term weight loss and overall health. Include daily activity and healthier food choices in your life to stay healthy.

There are numerous benefits of a healthy diet such as it decreases the risk of chronic diseases, assists stress management, helps to weight control, improves skin and mental health. Exercise also has been shown many benefits for strength, weight control, self-esteem, mental health, body image, better self-esteem, sex drive, chronic diseases, and high blood pressure.