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Men and Women Experience Pleasure Differently

When it comes to pleasure there is a diversion, men and women feel pleasure in different ways. However, there are some mutual pleasures in their life too. Likewise, Men and women both have mood swings but differently. Men usually get intensified on things like job issues, stuck in traffic, financial issues or may be do not like dinner whereas women get afflicted easily on little issues like, if her maid gets off without informing her, she doesn’t have a new outfit for a party, or may be other women looking more pretty than her in the function, what to cook in the dinner that everyone likes or may be her kids don’t take adequate and enough meal. By copping up with these aggravating issues you can feel greatly happier inside.

Nonetheless, some moments are equally pleasurable for both men and women like spending valuable time with family, love making with his/her partner, to spend time in hobbies, to enjoy vacations, having dinner with friends, having a favorite meal, play interesting games , and to watch favorite television programs. Everyone deserves to get pleasure in life and it comes from inside to feel happiness. There are so many people out there who have everything in life but they don’t feel pleasure may be because of some bad incidents or their rigorous, aggressive or pessimistic nature and eventually this unhappiness leads to isolation, depression, aggressiveness, physical issues and may be an early death. Most of the men do not spend time thinking about what has happened in the past and regret and sadness they get pleasure in the present. Whereas, those who spend most of the time alone and are not socialized they experience frustration, shorter life, and low quality of life.

Besides, men get pleasure in what is important for them they make decisions to keep themselves on track. They want to make progress in their lives, they want high paid jobs, higher level in jobs, priority in is family, a happy relationship. Whereas women feel same but their preferences and goals are varied and mostly confined to their families. They both are more willing to accomplish their goals. Precisely, men and women both feel happier each time they make decisions for their lives targets. They feel happiness in spending some time to reflect on the good in the life and their contribution to it. Hence it improves sleep, decreases depression, controls appetite and impulse and strengthens physique.

The next thing which provides pleasure and resiliency to men is physical activity. When they engage themselves in daily exercise, frequent sexual activity and adopt healthy habits most of the men experience lower anxiety, greater positive emotions and especially their personal pleasure. Whereas, women are more likely towards shopping, gossiping, cooking, and love from their partner.

Everyone has weaknesses the happiest people are those who realize that nobody is perfect and accept their weaknesses and shortcomings without blaming others for their failures. Pleasure is forgiving others and yourself too.