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7 Ways to Release Yourself From Body Shame

7 Ways to Release Yourself From Body Shame

Body shaming is a fairly new word, but the concept it describes has existed for quite some time. Body shaming is most commonly used to describe behavior that makes another person feel shame about their body by being overly critical or demeaning. But body shaming can also encompass the ways in which we personally feel about our own bodies. People may body shame themselves if they do not love their bodies and are uncomfortable in their own skin. The unfortunate truth is that many people suffer from low self-esteem or poor body image, which has a direct impact on how they think of themselves.

This is where self-inflicted body shaming is born. How we think and view ourselves impacts our self-talk, which is the conversations and internal chatter we have about ourselves. Having negative self-talk and ultimately body shaming is easy to fall into in today’s society, with so much comparison happening online and in digital spaces. What many need to be reminded of is that many images online are altered and enhanced to reinforce impossible standards of beauty. If you are ready to begin working past negative views of yourself, check out these 7 ways to release yourself from body shame.

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Embrace yourself for all your uniqueness

You can easily slip into body shaming if you are not able to accept yourself for who you are. We are all made uniquely for a reason; our entire beings are created to give something unique and beautiful to the world. Leave behind comparison and belittling yourself when you think of other people. Being your most authentic self will only make your light shine brighter, and help you see just how awesome you are.

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Rethink what you consider beautiful

If you don’t see yourself as beautiful, then you have likely been brainwashed by mainstream society and the fashion and beauty industries to think this way. It’s time to retrain your brain to see yourself as the epitome of beauty. Begin to widen your view of what you think is attractive and apply it to yourself.

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Get acquainted with your body

You can begin to release the shame you feel about your body by taking some time to get to know it. Notice the details of your body — the curves, the beauty marks, and everything in between. Continue to work this into your self-love practices, and you will begin to develop a fondness for your body.

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Have gratitude for your body

Stop for a second and think about how much your body does for you. It carries you from place to place throughout the day. It works incredibly hard to keep all bodily functions intact without you having to even think about it. Show gratitude for your body, and watch how it will start to thank you in return.

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Practice positive affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to retrain your brain to default to more positive thinking patterns. Find phrases or sentences that speak directly to the areas of your body that you are not fond of, or that completely encompass your body as a whole. Try words like, “I appreciate my curves,” “My hips are beautiful,” or “My body is a wonderful, safe and exquisite place to be.” Repeat affirmations like this every day and you will begin to eventually see a shift in how you feel about yourself.

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Let go of any obsessions with being “skinny.”

As mentioned, beauty standards have convinced many of us that being thin is the best way to be. But being skinny is not always healthy. We glorify thin bodies when we should be exalting healthy bodies. Sometimes, being too thin can lead to all sorts of health problems and disorders. Whatever weight your body naturally rests in at optimal health is what you should strive for.

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Focus on your inner beauty

It is important to feel good about your physical appearance, of course. But what is inside of you is ultimately the most important. Is your heart in a good space? Are you feeding your spirit? Liking who you are on the inside, and nourishing yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually will positively affect how you feel about your outer appearance.

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