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These 4 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Bridesmaids

These 4 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Bridesmaids

Astrology is a tool that many people use to better understand their lives and those around them. Looking into the planets and how they impact personalities can tell you a lot about how your life may turn out, or the way you may interact in relationships. Another way that people use astrology is in terms of their wedding. You can look into the best dates to get married or the locations best suited for your wedding. Astrology can also help you choose the best bridesmaids to include in your bridal party. This is a huge component of planning your wedding, as this group will be with you through it all — from planning, to execution, and celebrating the nuptials after it’s all said and done.

Your bridesmaids are there to help you through the best and worst of getting through a wedding. When you are laughing and happy from the best of the day, to the moments you want to cry and scream in frustration and anger — your bridesmaids will be your go-to crew. With all of these responsibilities, there are just certain Zodiac signs that can better cope with stress, planning, social activities, intricacies of family dynamics, and on and on. There are four elemental categories for astrology, and each type has its own strengths — social and light air signs, sensitive and caring water signs, lively and fun fire signs, and loyal, responsible earth signs. To learn more about these amazing individuals, check out 4 Zodiac signs that make the best bridesmaids.

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People who fall under the sign of Aries are some of the most fun and spirited people you will meet. As a bridesmaid, they will always make sure you feel amazing about yourself. They will boost your confidence, which will come in handy for fittings and wardrobe logistics. And they give you a surge of energy that will power you through even the most extensive and boring planning sessions. An Aries will be your best cheerleader on your worst day, and bring their fiery spirit to bat for you whenever you need a fighter in your corner. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which means they are very motivated and will spring to action whenever needed. They will be enthusiastic about your journey to saying “I Do.” With every sign, there are some downfalls, which is definitely true of Aries. They can definitely be a bit headstrong and impulsive, so in some cases, they may not be the most diplomatic ones out of the group.

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Taurus is a great person to include in your bridal party. Taureans are fixed earth signs, and are typically one of the most chill and relaxed signs of the Zodiac. This means they will bring calming and steady energy to the group, and likely keep everyone feeling centered. Taurus is also a very dependable individual — so if you need a bridesmaid you can count on, this sign is the one for you. They are also very responsible, and will feel at home in the planning realm of your wedding. Taurus will probably be the first one to volunteer to organize all the major events. But because Taurus is so stubborn, do not be surprised if they get a little too involved — hopefully, they won’t contest the expertise of the wedding planner. But another benefit of these individuals is that they are sensual and indulgent, and they are a sign of beauty and aesthetics. This means that they are a great sign to choose!

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Virgos are another Earth sign that you want on your bridal party. They have impeccable taste and an eye for detail. This means that the minuscule tasks are perfect for them, as they will pay attention to the tiniest of details. They will make sure that all matters regarding planning are taken care of, so that can be a huge load off of you as a stressed bride. They are also mutable signs, so they are flexible and agreeable in most situations. This means that they also can thrive well under pressure, meaning they will be your go-to person during the stress of the big day. If you are having a moment and need someone to pull you back down to reality, your Virgo bridesmaids is your number one option. They can be a bit nitpicky as they are perfectionists by nature, so that may be the only downside to this sign.

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Libra is an all-around great person to have in your bride tribe. Libra is an air sign, making them the social butterfly of the group. Their charm and charisma will make everyone feel at home and comfortable. The peaceful yet alluring nature of their personality is a great energy to have in the mix to neutralize some of the more over-the-top personas. They are also all about balancing the scales, so they make great mediators in times of trouble or disarray. The only downside to Libra is that they are a bit indecisive, so they won’t be your first option to make big decisions regarding wedding planning.

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