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7 Things You Deserve As Much As Any Man

7 Things You Deserve As Much As Any Man

There has been a misconception in society that men are superior to women. This stems from a longstanding structure in many modern cultures that favors patriarchy. As we have evolved as people, the general understanding of men and women is thankfully based more on gender equality. But as much of the world has treated women less than men for so many years, there are many ways of thinking that still have not caught up with the times. There are still misconceptions that leave women with less than what they deserve: in relationships, in family and friend circles, in their careers, and more. Identifying these inconsistencies and putting a spotlight on gender inequality is the best first step in getting closer to a world that treats women adequately and with fairness. To learn more about some of the biggest aspects in which women do not always receive respect and due diligence, check out these 7 things that women deserve as much as any man. 

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Sexual Fulfillment

Many people think that sex should be centered around male pleasure, with women just present to ensure that men are fulfilled. However, this is far from the truth. Intimacy should be fulfilling for everyone involved, and it should not revolve solely around when the man reaches orgasm. It’s essential that women also have the opportunity to experience sexual pleasure and fulfillment, just as men do. Therefore, your partner should prioritize your satisfaction and be open to explore what brings you pleasure.

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An Amazing Career 

The wage gap based on gender is very apparent and well documented. Women have historically and consistently been paid less than men for the exact same positions. They have also been passed up for positions and promotions in their careers, and even totally blocked from participating in certain fields in their entirety. Women deserve to have great careers and bust through the former glass ceilings that once held them back. 

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Women have been fighting for respect for centuries, throughout multiple eras in history. In our current time, women are still challenging the status quo in terms of treatment and general perception of themselves. Society can have a harsh and disrespectful view of women, with men feeling entitled to treating women like objects instead of the supreme beings that they are. Women deserve respect, no matter what they are wearing, saying, or doing. The right to respect is inherent and not up for debate based on the male gaze. 

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A Life Without Counting Calories

The vast majority of women have been raised to feel they need to constantly watch their figure. This obsession with being thin and “beautiful” keeps many women from enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures: food! And a good beer here and there. Don’t feel the need to constantly limit yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and that means being able to have a calorie laden, greasy slice of pizza, and beer if you desire it, without feeling guilty for a week after. 

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Real Love 

Women deserve to be loved, period. And man that deserves you will be able to give it to you. This encompasses a lot, but for starters, it includes being loved for exactly who you are. A man should want you for you, not for what he can get out of you or benefit from. Don’t settle for anything less than real, pure love. And once you experience this, you will feel the difference and will never want to go back to part time love. 

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To Have Your Voice Heard 

The world has made women feel that their opinions are not as important as men’s. Again, this could not be farther from the truth. Women deserve to have their opinion heard, and respected, and considered. Women make amazing leaders in any field or circumstance, as they can see and understand things that men cannot — women also have a knack for leading and bringing people together in a way that brings out the best in those around them. 

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To Be Safe

All of the above are important aspects of women’s rights, but none may be as foundational as basic safety. This really shouldn’t even be a basic need that we are still fighting for, but here we are. Women deserve to be safe, to feel comfortable moving through this world without fear of physical, mental and emotional harm coming to their person. 

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