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8 Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring

One of the most exciting moments in life is when you finally get that engagement ring shoved under your nose. If you’re trying to get your significant other to tie the proverbial knot and want to know what you should be paying attention to know if he (or she) is ready for the next big step in your relationship, we’ve got a few pointers that can give you a hint.

Remember, you still have to ask surprised when the question gets popped. It’s in the rules.

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Everyone is Acting Strange

There’s no better way to know that something’s up if everyone starts acting strange. And I’m not just talking about your partner, but your friends and family too. Someone probably knows what’s about to happen, so someone is going to act very strange around you and keep trying to get information out of you somehow.

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They Start Hanging Out With Your Friends and Family

If you find your partner hanging out with your friends and family an awful lot, significantly more than they usually do anyway, be sure to pay attention to that. They may even be trying to get both your families at the same place together to make them one before the big day. It’s definitely a sign that something is up and it’s moving in the right direction.

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Not Making Any Life Changes

There are only two reasons why someone would put all their plans on hold for the moment: either they lack ambition in general, or they’ve already got a big plan they’re working on. That big plan of course would be trying to put a wedding together, of which the first step is finding that perfect ring to propose.

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Interested in Your Plans

If your partner is suddenly a lot more interested in your plans, it could be because they’re trying to figure out if you’re in for the long haul. Nobody is going to propose to you if you’re not taking it seriously and not putting your focus on the relationship you’ve built already.

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Actively Talking About Future Plans

Not only will they care more about your future plans, they’ll also be talking about their own future plans more actively and making sure to explicitly include you in them. If they’re actively trying to convince you that you are a very big part of their future, it might be a clear sign that they’re planning the next step in your relationship.

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More Romantic

There’s nothing to put a little romance back into your relationship like planning to propose to someone. Your partner will almost overnight seem like a much more romantic person and spend much more energy in making sure you feel loved and unique. It’s a show of great commitment and wanting to see your relationship go all the way.

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Trips Down Memory Lane

Planning ahead has this weird effect of making you look back. If your partner is suddenly bringing up memories of your time together more often, it’s because they’re actively thinking about your relationship and all the good (and even bad) times you’ve had so far. They’re just trying to evaluate the path you’ve been on together and what got you to the place you’re at today.

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Saving Money

Honestly, with how expensive weddings are, there’s no bigger hint that something big is about to happen when your partner all of a sudden becomes much more willing to save money and postpone less important expenses for now. Nothing wrong with trying to be financially responsible, right?

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