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12 Signs He Really Is Into You

12 Signs He Really Is Into You

You know how it goes. You start dating a guy, you really seem to be making a connection, you might even think it’s getting serious, but then you start feeling doubt and anxiety. Does he feel the same way about you? When you aren’t together, are you on his mind? How can you tell if he’s looking for a long-term relationship? Here are 12 signs to look out for.

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1. He Makes an Effort to Look Good

When a guy really likes you, he goes out of his way to make himself look presentable. This means keeping his hair in place, he manscapes, he makes sure his outfits are coordinated and wrinkle-free. You might even notice he’s bought himself nicer shoes or is wearing a cologne that you find sexy. 

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2. He Acts Chivalrous

He does those little things like opening the car door for you, giving you his coat when you’re feeling cold, and just doing everything to treat you like a queen. Having a bad day? Your emotional needs are important to him too. He won’t hesitate to drop what he’s doing to come over to your place and cheer you up. 

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3. He Playfully Teases You

When a guy makes fun of a girl in a harmless, flirtatious way, it is a sure sign that he’s into her. Rest assured, he isn’t trying to hurt you or act mean-spirited. He’s attempting to do two things: get you to laugh and gauge your ability to take a playful ribbing. 

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4. He Asks a Lot of “Get to Know You” Questions

He wants to know what makes you tick, so he’ll ask questions like “What do you like doing on weekends?” “What’s your favorite book?” “What is your favorite childhood memory?” A guy who isn’t interested in you isn’t going to waste their time asking these kinds of questions, much less pay attention to your answers. 

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5. His Body Language Says it All

Is he making eye contact? Have you noticed he’s moving in a bit closer to you? Is he smiling a lot and generally appearing relaxed and content? This demonstrates that he is feeling really confident and enjoys spending time with you. All you need to do at this point is let him know you feel the same! 

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6. He is Interested in Your Input

You’ve got a day planned together and rather than just do whatever it is he wants to do, he wants to know what you’d like to do. Do you want to go on a picnic? Catch a movie? Go for a walk in the park? If the plan itself isn’t important to you, you can always just say “I’m up for whatever,” but the point is, he is making a sincere effort to make sure your interests are being taken into account. 

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7. He Asks If You’ve Got a Guy

If he straight up asks you if you’re seeing anybody or is asking subtle questions to get clues about your relationship status, it’s a clear sign that he’s trying to figure out whether there’s a chance you two could become a couple. No guy is going to ask about boyfriends unless he wants to be your boyfriend!

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8. He Clarifies His Relationship Status

Along the same lines, he doesn’t act coy about his relationship status. He lets it be known that he is single and available, and that if you’re interested in him he’s willing to give a relationship a shot. 

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9. He Gives You Sweet Compliments

We don’t mean he’s using corny pickup lines or says, “Dang, girl, you’re hot!” He’s noticing you’ve got a new hairstyle or likes your summer dress. He wants to say something that makes you feel good about yourself. 

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10. He Invites You To Join His Friends

He’s heading to a bar with some friends and asks you if you want to come along. It’s not just about him being a nice guy who doesn’t want you to feel left out; the fact that he wants you to meet people who are important to his life is a strong indication that he’s interested in dating you. 

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11. He Tosses out “Jokes” About Being Together

When he jokes around about what a great couple you’d be, this is a not-so-subtle sign that he’s into you. He’s basically testing the waters to see how you respond to the “joke.” If you roll your eyes or laugh way too hard, he’ll get a clue. But if he’s getting good vibes, expect some more jokes of this nature. 

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12. He Tries To Figure Out What You Have in Common

On the surface, you might believe you are very different people, but if he’s into you, he will go out of his way to find some kind of connection. He’ll ask about your philosophy or opinion on different matters that are important to him. In essence, he cares enough to try to determine whether you are compatible. 

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