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10 Tips For Winning Him Over

10 Tips For Winning Him Over

So you’ve met a guy and you think things have the potential to get serious. He’s funny, interesting, and has goals that extend beyond playing World of Tanks all day. Congratulations, he might be a keeper! But you aren’t out of the clear yet. If you want to make sure the relationship grows, there are several strategies that you need to utilize. It won’t be easy, but if you really work on it, you might find yourself stuck with him forever…and we meet that in the best possible way!

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Make him earn it

You might be attracted to him, but it doesn’t mean you should just throw yourself at him. By doing so, he will immediately wonder if you act this way around every guy you barely know. Instead, you want to turn it into a game of cat and mouse. Play it cool; hint that you are open to his advances, but create enough distance that makes it clear he has to work to win your heart. 

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Show appreciation

When he does something nice like bringing you flowers or taking you out to a nice restaurant for a romantic dinner, never take his gestures for granted. He’ll start to resent the fact that he’s going out of his way to make you feel special, and yet you are seemingly unmoved. Little things like surprising him with a latte or a little gift shows you are willing to give and receive.

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Meet up regularly

Don’t make it a routine to do the majority of your chatting through texting. Make as much time as possible to meet face to face so that he sees you as more than just somebody to send a message to when he’s feeling bored. This is especially important if he’s chatting with several girls at the same time. The ones he meets in person are going to be more memorable and he’ll have more incentive to choose the one who shows they enjoy spending time with him. 

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Be real

The mantra “fake it until you make it” is something that a lot of people subscribe to, but when it comes to relationships, this is terrible advice. Since the partner you want to be with is going to eventually figure you out sooner or later, just be yourself from the start. 

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Confidence is everything

We all have our insecurities, but you want to hold off revealing them until you’ve built up trust and gotten to know each other better. Show confidence in yourself, and if you demonstrate that you like who you are, he will like who you are too!

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Don’t share everything about yourself right away

Although you obviously want him to know who you are, you don’t want to spend the first or even second date overwhelming him with information about every facet of your life. Instead, you should reveal your story bit by bit so that he keeps coming back for more. 

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Don’t try too hard

When getting to know somebody, there is a tendency to want to please them by laughing at every joke or pretending to be intrigued by every word that comes out of their mouth. A lot of guys can tell if you’re acting a way just to make them want to like you. Just act natural. If you find something funny or enjoy a story, let them know. But if you don’t, tactfully steer the conversation in a different direction. 

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Bring a strong flirt game

If you have an instant attraction to him, there’s nothing wrong with showing off some of your charm. If he finds you impossible to resist, it definitely opens the doors to a relationship! 

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Don’t be a complete mystery

Although you don’t want to tell your life story on your first date, you also don’t want to come off as cold or distant. If the date ends and he feels like he knows absolutely nothing about you, he’ll probably decide you aren’t worth pursuing. 

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Don’t ditch your friends for him

Although it’s really exciting to start dating someone new, it doesn’t mean you should push your friends aside. Continue with your regular social routine while making him earn his time with you. The time you do spend with each other will become more valuable as a result. 

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