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Exactly How To Be A High Value Woman: 7 Traits & Examples

Exactly How To Be A High Value Woman: 7 Traits & Examples

Have you ever wondered what kind of woman attracts a certain kind of man? The kind that many women want, and guys want to be like. The answer is a high value woman — one who is equally as desirable and coveted. A high value woman is one who has a certain set of traits that make her sought after by men. These kinds of women are confident in themselves, love who they are, and it exudes through their energy. Energy that is fueled by these traits and love of self are what make them so magnetic. Are you ready to learn more about what makes them so attractive? Read on to learn exactly how to be a high value woman, with 12 traits and examples. 

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Lean in to your power and femininity

There is a way to embrace your natural power without losing sight of your femininity. Many women become more masculine as they lean into their power. But femininity is naturally strong in its own right, and you can exude this power in charming and soft ways. 

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Put effort into your appearance

While it is not all about looks, our outward appearance is often the first impression we make before any words are exchanged. This means that your looks make a difference, if for no other reason but this. Also, taking pride in your appearance is an act of self love — looking good, no matter what that definition for you may be, also makes you feel good. 

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Be selective with giving access to yourself

While this is a bit of a mind game, not always being available is kind of a good thing in the beginning. People have a tendency to value what they don’t always have access to. Maintain your existing schedule and life, keeping yourself and your needs a priority. You will respect yourself for this, and so will they. 

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Know just how valuable you are

If you know your value, then everyone else will too. Embracing yourself worth is a contagious feeling that automatically makes others feel your worth too. It doesn’t have to be boastful or cocky, and you don’t have to make a big announcement. Confidence can be sensed and felt through everything about you. Have a mindset that you are worthy and valuable, and all who meet you will feel the same way about you as well. This requires doing the internal work to truly see, acknowledge and love you for who you are, in all your glory. 

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Keep your life intact no matter who you are dating

Many people make the mistake of totally dropping everything when they start dating. This is a big no no. A high value woman knows her worth, as we discussed. This means knowing that your life as it is, is worth maintaining and preserving. Never give up on your needs and wants for a man. Keep your schedule, your friends, your hobbies, your hopes and dreams all thriving and nourished no matter who comes into your life. 

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Embracing your “walking power”

Your “walking power” is your autonomy to leave a situation or say no to something that does not serve your highest good. This means that at any point, if a relationship or any component of it is not working for you, you have the power to walk away. Many times, we think that if we are not getting what we want in a relationship, we can stick around for it to get better or wait for our partners to improve. While relationships do take work, patience and sacrifice, every high value woman has a limit at which they know when and how to exercise their right to exit. The great thing is that when you say no to what you don’t like or want, you give your partner the option to do better and change — or you eliminate the gray area and definitively know it won’t work. You also free yourself up for someone else who can and will meet your needs. 

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Have respect

Women look for men who are respectful and considerate, and this should be a trait that you can reciprocate to him as well. No one wants to be mistreated, talked down to or disrespected. Moving through your interactions with respect, kindness and consideration is a wonderful distinction of a high value woman. 

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