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Role of Textile in Fashion

Role of Textile in Fashion

Fashion is formulated by using textiles material. In creation of fashion there is a vital role of textile materials and manipulation. When you need to design a fashion cloth it is very important to know the fabric. There should be a great understanding of fabric is necessary for a fashion designers to generate an incredible piece of work.

Fabric is just a raw material we get from the textile industry then these high-quality fabrics are used to produce garments. By different manufacturing processes defect free garments are developed which give comfort to the wearer. In textile, designs are created then fabrics are printed according to the fashion brands. Without fabrics inevitably fashion cannot exist. The creation of ensembles in fashion designing cannot be started without a fabric. Your entire outfit is based on the right choice of fabric and texture.

However, every designer has his perception about the types of fabric they use to design their ideas.  As in this age of fashion now much advancement has taken place in fashion designing and several types of fabrics are produced by textile industries so designers have a big canvas to design their intuition. Besides, it is the designer’s choice to consider the type of fabric and its texture when it is about designing. Fabric types make difference to the designs like a design in stiff cotton will look contrarily from soft satin. There are many fabric textures which require a unique undergone process of weaving of fibers in order to get desired texture.

Moreover, the type of fabric and its texture must be chosen so intellectually to design it. Fabric textures have wide range in today’s textiles industry like pre-pleated, crushed, crinkled, and woven. A process of weaving is done to achieve any the texture of the fabric to get the desired effect and texture. A designer needs to pay extra attention to patterns and texture while choosing fabric to come out with an appealing design.

Moreover, the fabric must be of good quality. It might be expensive but for designers, it is an important factor to choose the best quality fabric for their apparel. It makes the outfit durable and pleasing to wear. Fabric enhances the design. It makes the design a success if you have chosen a perfect fabric for the curate design.

Lastly, not only quality but other factors must be considered like price, suitability, and new fashion trends. Apart from fabric selection and designing there must be a need to understand the customer desires and trends they want. A designer must keep all the factors in mind that what would work best so the preference of fabrics with other factors must be according to the design to create a perfect piece.  These proficiencies can easily be developed by the observation and experience of a fashion designer.

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