You might have heard the saying, ‘Beauty is skin-deep.’ The phrase highlights the diversity of interpretations regarding beauty. Another famous quote is, ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.’ It means that the person’s own ideology, belief systems, cultural background, and preferences determine what looks beautiful to them and what is not.

One of the features of the skin that have gained the attention of scholars in beauty literature is the color of your skin. Conventional wisdom considers white skin color better than black skin color. However, this notion of white supremacy is now only historical. You will also be familiar with the term ‘Black Beauty.’ So, people with black skin color are also loved and adored similar to people with white skin color. You will be surprised to know that black women have won major beauty contests in the current context. The year 2019 was a landmark year in this regard when all five major beauty contests were won by black women including Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA. You must have seen a beauty contest yourself, where the judges not only focus on the body and shape of the women but also ask them questions to arrive at the final score of the beauty queen.

People consider those individuals beautiful who are ‘beauty with brains’, those who always have pearls of wisdom to speak. Even if a black woman is groomed well and has fresh and glowing skin, she will look more beautiful than white women. If you are not smelling good, no matter you have a white color or black color skin, people will avoid coming close to you. Unfortunately, fairness creams, in their desire to increase the customer segment, indulge in aggressive marketing strategies, and they often promote their creams as whiteness creams. On the other hand, some women opt for sunbathing to dilute the whiteness in their skin. Every human being is a beautiful creature of God and you should be proud of your skin color, be it blue, white, or brown. The classification of people based on their skin color is now considered a part of racism and you should not feel inferior based on your skin color. Beauty creams and cosmetics can aid in making your skin look glowing and fresh. However, they cannot change it completely. You should retain the color of your skin as it is blessed by God. The impact of skin color on attractiveness is only to the extent where you have been able to prevent wrinkles and keep them smooth and glowing. Your competition is only to yourself. If you work hard and improve your appearance in comparison to your past, people will notice your attractiveness and you will be admired in your circle of influence and the circle of acquaintance. The key to success is self-confidence. You should be yourself and just focus on improving your features instead of making a drastic change.