In the gym, women intuitively know their strengths but they need different training from men. A good trainee of gym always contemplates some of the major factors like different variables in temp, rest intervals, weight selection, repetitions and, time under tension in order to train for muscles building, functional hypertrophy, trainees relative strength, fat loss, rehabilitation, and endurance when constructing a series of exercise.

Just like men most women in the mainstream can be trained to dump the treadmill and can take Zumba classes for resistance training sessions, many people believe that. But many people miss out that the sheer adaptability of weight training arguably makes resistance training fit for the specific goals. For aesthetic consideration women need to train slightly different from men if they are using weight training. 

The main difference in men and women training which needs to be considered is androgen homeostatic regulation. Women releases more human growth hormone than androgen while in men androgens are responsible for muscles alteration either they are training for intensity or volume. Therefore, women needs lower rest periods and higher tension times if they want to lose body fat. Further, Women have built physiologically for faster paced, circuit style workouts whereas men enjoy slower paced, heavier work out. Woman have less powerful like they have less lungs  capacity And lower muscle mass than men but they have greater ability then men to recover after high intensity workout. They get back sooner and need less time to rest which is why their workout program must have less rest periods significantly. However, men comparatively have more strength and muscles. They don’t require more reps within given intensity and need more rest time because they have heavy sets due to more power wattage. Women do better on higher fat burning exercise, by same intensity women burns fat faster and less carbohydrate and less protein as well as they oxidize less protein during work out than men.

Additionally, there are some hormonal differences in men and women which cause to change their exercise programs. They have quite a bit common but woman don’t tend to require any particular training, like men they do not feel any need to grow that big like men. Even if they are lifting little heavier they cannot build massive muscles as men because of lack of immense level of testosterone. Why women typically do not want to develop their muscle like men as they think themselves less strong than men and they cannot execute pull-ups and pushups like men. Women common weakness is pushups and pull-ups because they carry less upper body lean mass as compared to men.

Further, men can be more explosive than women the area in brain is larger which control movement in men which generate force quicker .in high-intensity exercises men can perform more reps. Women recover less after high intensity explosive exercise. Besides, women are well to adapt explosive exercise as they have less metabolic stress and tolerate better than men.